[Brief analysis of textile industry trends!]
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Brief analysis of the development trend of the textile industry from January to October!

In 2019, the textile industry is facing a complex and changing economic and trade situation, and uncertain factors are intertwined, bringing multiple tests for the high-quality development of the industry.

From January to October, the textile industry's production increased at a low rate, the efficiency declined, investment became more cautious, the growth rate of the domestic demand market slowed down, and foreign trade exports faced some pressure.

The pressure of the economic and trade situation has pushed the industry to accelerate its transformation and upgrading, and the company's awareness of crisis and innovation has been further strengthened.

DEZTE Yuanzhu series fibers  was born. She was born with six national patents, three of which are invention patents. DEZTE Yuanzhu series fibers are distributed with different lengths, different thicknesses, different draw ratios, and different crystal fiber segments, and these fiber segments with different characteristics can be customized according to people's needs, which develops products for downstream manufacturers Provides countless spaces for imagination.