[How can the textile industry be "smart"?]
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How can the textile industry be "smart"?

At present, the intelligent manufacturing of the textile industry is developing rapidly like other domestic manufacturing industries. Under the guidance of "Made in China 2025", leading enterprises in the industry have carried out corporate intelligent manufacturing transformation.

It is understood that the current intelligent textile manufacturing includes digitalization, networking, and intelligent advancement. The development of intelligent manufacturing should actively develop the integration of artificial intelligence, "Internet +", big data and other technologies with the textile industry; develop new materials and applications, including high-performance fiber and functional production equipment, industrial textile production equipment, and fiber composite material production equipment Develop green manufacturing, including energy-saving environmental protection printing and dyeing equipment, renewable fiber production equipment, and fiber composite material production equipment.

It is reported that following the promotion of seven lines including chemical fiber, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, nonwovens, clothing, and home textiles, next year we will launch the eighth line, the intelligent production line of textile machinery, to further enhance the intelligence of textile machinery. Expand into other areas.

DEZTE is a registered trademark of Jiaxing Shengbang Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shengbang Xinyuan Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd., and Jiaxing Shengbang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., which can be used in yarn, fabric, clothing, home textile, accessories and other fields.

The birth of each new type of DEZTE yarn is unique and possesses independent intellectual property rights. In addition to being a product, DEZTE fiber and Gente DEZTE fabric are more platforms for innovation and design.