[What will affect the textile industry in 2020?]
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What will affect the textile industry in 2020?

The prosperity of the textile industry in the last century makes people look forward to it. Everyone is proud to work in a textile factory, but history will never be simply repeated. The shadow of the two slow-moving gray rhinos is covering the global economy and giving the textile industry The development of

1. The impact of the uncertainty of the adjustment process of China-US economic relations on global total supply and demand; 2. The impact of the European manufacturing recession led by Germany on global economic growth;

2020 is approaching, and the future situation is complex and changeable. Textile companies should pay attention to the changes in the macroeconomic situation at home and abroad, strengthen research and thinking on long-term and development strategies, focus on the end consumer market, and optimize products. We must be prepared to deal with long-term complex environments, improve efficiency, increase effective input of factors, and prevent various risks caused by uncertain factors.

In 2016, DEZTE Yuanzhu series silk thread was born. She was born with six national patents, three of which are invention patents. DEZTE Yuanzhu series fibers are distributed with different lengths, different thicknesses, different draw ratios, and different crystal fiber segments, and these fiber segments with different characteristics can be customized according to people's needs, which develops products for downstream manufacturers Provides countless spaces for imagination.