[Teach you how to distinguish sofa fabrics?]
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Teach you how to distinguish sofa fabrics?

The quality of the sofa fabric directly affects the appearance of the sofa and the customer experience. The high-quality sofa fabric will make you feel that the product is more upscale, looks comfortable, and has the urge to sit up.

How to distinguish fabric sofa fabrics: In general, patterns such as patterns are relatively thick and weaved, and they look very high-grade. Thin printed fabrics are cheap because the process is inherently simple and thin.

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DEZTE Yuanzhu series fiberswas born. She was born with six national patents, three of which are invention patents. DEZTE Yuanzhu series fibers are distributed with different lengths, different thicknesses, different draw ratios, and different crystal fiber segments, providing countless imagination for downstream manufacturers to develop products.