[How will the textile industry develop in the future?]
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How will the textile industry develop in the future?

In recent years, the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry has continued to deepen, and overall competitiveness and development resilience have continued to increase.

Although the current operation and development still face more difficulties, the textile industry still has the ability to effectively respond to the impact of the epidemic, and as the prevention and control situation further improves, the economic operation order will be restored with higher efficiency.

At this stage, it is still recommended that enterprises focus on exploring the internal and external market space through multiple channels to effectively integrate industry chain resources. At the same time, they should be firm in their belief in transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, aiming at improving output quality, efficiency and effectiveness, and rationally arrange investment plans.

DEZTE is a registered trademark of Jiaxing Shengbang Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shengbang Xinyuan Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd., and Jiaxing Shengbang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The birth of DEZTE Yuanzhu series yarns has six national patents, three of which are invention patents.

DEZTE Yuanzhu series fibers are distributed with different lengths, different thicknesses, different draw ratios, and different crystalline fiber segments, and these fiber segments with different characteristics can be customized according to people's needs.