[Warp weaving, Shengbang innovation! Solve the troubles of Shengze market for many years!]
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"Gentle" Slub Yarn Warp Weaving, Innovation


Slub yarn facing difficulties

Slub yarn, with her unique charm, has flourished in the textile market. Fabrics spun with slub yarn as raw materials are widely used in many fields such as clothing, home textiles, and automotive interiors. They are characterized by outstanding patterns, unique styles, and strong three-dimensional sense.

But slub yarns are difficult to apply to warp yarns during weaving. The main reason is that the slub yarn generally has the defects of small twist, low strength, and physical thickness that make the slub yarn easily break when passing through the reed or cannot pass through the reed at all. This is a major problem in the textile industry, especially in the Shengze market.

"DEZTE" New Product Development

Shengbang takes advantage of the company's production technology and the whole industry chain to innovate and research and develop the "genuine" slub yarn, which solves the problem of warp weaving and better meets the needs of the market and customers.

The slub woven by the warp yarn of "DEZTE" does not show the slub on the sliver when it is formed into silk. The slub will only shrink when heated and shaped and dyed and finished. So when she walks on the reed, she passes like a normal FDY, and passes smoothly, and its strength is high and it is not easy to break the head.

After overcoming the problems of slub yarn warp weaving, using the different lengths, thicknesses, pitches, and raw materials of slub yarn slubs, a variety of varieties with different styles can be developed to meet various consumptions. The needs of the person.


True special nylon filament slub yarn

Sample of "Warp Weaving"

Three reasons for choosing "DEZTE"

Technological fabrics

Each new thread of DEZTE is unique and has independent intellectual property rights. Elastic fiber slub series products are distributed with different lengths, different thicknesses, different draw ratios, and different crystalline fiber segments, and these fiber segments with different characteristics can be customized according to different needs, providing countless imagination for downstream manufacturers to develop products Space and possibility.


Comfortable and comfortable

The elastic fiber slub series products have delicate and thin fibers, full of elasticity, softness and comfort. At the same time, this series of products can show its unique color without dyeing, which is very important for low-carbon environmental protection.


Wide range of applications

Elastic fiber slub series products can produce all kinds of clothing and decorative fabrics on a variety of models such as circular loom, shuttle loom, warp knitting machine, weft knitting machine, etc. Various yarns are mixed to form a colorful fabric style.


Creating really special silk thread is the goal that Shengbang will always pursue. In Shengbang's philosophy, R & D and innovation must also pay attention to cost performance, not only to apply high-end advanced technology to product research and development, but also to create high added value for products, and strive to take the lead in market competition.

In the future, Shengbang will continue to develop new products, continue to crack the market problems, and make the products "no one has me, and everyone has me"!