[Genter Labor Day | Behind the glory, write hard!]
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May 1st International Labor Day | Tribute to every worker

A beautiful dream on earth,

This can only be achieved through honest labor;

Various difficulties in development,

Only through honest labor can it be cracked;

All glory in life,

Only through honest labor can it be cast.


Thanks for striving

Use both hands to develop life, and work hard to make life background. Everyone who runs for life defines the appearance of a struggler.

Reap growth with busyness, fulfill ideals with responsibility. Ordinary life, we continue to use labor to create beauty. Despite the scorching moments and sometimes emotional breakdowns, I still believe in the future.

We have created happiness with our hands, and we need to feel healthy with a healthy body, so while struggling, we must learn to be kind to ourselves. May everyone's dreams and distances be able to get closer in a hurry and effort Every laborer who insists on struggle is in good health and enjoying life!


Really sincerely wish

Great laborers happy holidays

May you have a smiley face

Bright sun

Sweet experience

Happy day

Happy Labor day