[What does apparel fabrics mean for apparel?]
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What does clothing fabrics mean for apparel?

Apparel is made of clothing fabrics, which is the material used to make apparel.

As one of the three elements of clothing, clothing fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of the clothing, but also directly affect the performance of the color and shape of the clothing, showing its own noble perfection and soft feel.

DEZTE is a registered trademark of Jiaxing Shengbang Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shengbang Xinyuan Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd., and Jiaxing Shengbang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. It can be applied in the fields of yarn, fabrics, clothing, home textiles, accessories, etc. The development and production of special yarns is the company's core technology.

Creating really special silk thread is the goal that Shengbang will always pursue. In the kingdom of Shengbang, there are various experimental and pilot equipments prepared for the birth of new yarns, from polymerization to spinning, to drafting, to texturing, many of which are independently developed by Shengbang. In addition to being a product, DEZTE fiber and Gentex DEZTE fabric are more platforms for innovation and design.