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[How to display the textile industry indicators?]
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How to display the textile industry indicators?

Based on the above analysis, the global epidemic prevention and control has become normal, and countries will restart their economies, and the consumer market will have a certain compensatory recovery.

With the gradual recovery of the consumer market and the introduction of supporting policies, it is expected that the operating level of the cotton textile and apparel industry in the second half of 2020 will be significantly improved compared with the first half.

In the long run, this epidemic has magnified a series of problems in the global cotton textile industry chain, and the situation facing my country's textile companies is still grim.

Policy support continuously optimizes the industrial ecological environment, and the domestic demand market potential has become a new advantage in industrial development. In order to solve the external demand environmental constraints, companies need to make efforts in strategic management, innovative breakthroughs, and value reconstruction to improve international competitiveness and anti-risk capabilities.

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