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[What problems are currently encountered in the textile industry?]
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What problems are currently encountered in the textile industry?

First, there is insufficient demand. From the domestic perspective, from January to February, the retail sales of apparel, shoes, hats, and needle textiles above the domestic market limit fell by 31% year-on-year. From an international perspective, since March, a large number of export orders have been delayed or cancelled, and new orders have also been significantly reduced.

Secondly, the pressure on the industry to stabilize employment is increasing. The pressure of order reduction is being transmitted upstream along the industrial chain, which will affect the normal operation of the textile industry industrial chain, and the employment situation of the industry tends to be severe.

The third is that the company reflects the shortage of funds. Affected by the decline in orders and the refund of orders, the inventory backlog of raw materials and finished products of textile companies is increasing. Especially in the chemical fiber industry, due to the continuous production cannot be stopped, facing greater inventory pressure, the amount of funds is also increasing.

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