["Shengbang Dragon Boat Festival Message" Ai Ye happy with the dragon boat bustling!]
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Fifth day of May

The annual Duanyang Festival is here again

Every family makes dumplings

Silky silver thread intertwined family love

Pieces of rice dumplings wrapped in a long fragrance

Winbond is on this occasion

Congratulations to everyone on Dragon Boat Festival!


Dragon Boat Day

People love to watch dragon boating

Roaring, gongs and drums

Paddle, cheer thunder

People think that the water gliding over the dragon boat is "Daji Water"

Can wash away mildew gas and bring good luck

Dragon Boat Day

People's favorite delicacy is Zongzi

Now my brain is even more open

Cranberry crystal rice dumplings, spicy rice dumplings,

Durian rice dumplings, pickled rice dumplings, abalone rice dumplings...

Only you can't think of

Nothing can't do



You are already at home to accompany your loved ones

Still missing my hometown in a foreign land

Every traditional festival

We are all because of reunion or miss

And mental power

Message from Shengbang Dragon Boat Festival

A bowl of rice for a long time

Auspicious wish

A happy leaf

Tangled in a line

Happy heart wrapped in rice dumplings

I'll give it to you

Shengbang wishes you joy at the Dragon Boat Festival